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Image by Falaq Lazuardi

Booklah Business

For Sport Venue Owners

Save time by digitizing and automating your sport's facilities management.

Grow your business while reducing admin work! 

Publicize your sport venue and gain more exposure!


Easy Management

Manage your customer's reservations easily on our online app with a calendar view of your venue's LIVE availability 


Control your venues' lighting from anywhere and anytime

Your Venue's Site

Get a free website through our app to show your customers more details of your venue! 

Why us?

Going Digital

No more pen and paper! Conveniently add, remove, and change your reservation records with our online system!

No More Booking Mistakes

Double Bookings be gone! Let our online system handle the reservation work and worry no more about these errors

Track your Revenue

Provides you a record of your daily earnings so you can maximize your business income

Confirmation Charges

Your online customers will be charged first for confirmation to reduce last minute no-shows!

24-hr Online Service

Your customers can make reservations online 24/7 and no more missing phone calls from them! 

Attract More Customers

Advertise your venue's facilities, shops, and timetable to gain more exposure through our app!

Create Announcements

Organizing a competion? Having a sports event? Make an announcement through our app!


We will make ensure that you receive any help you need to make your business a success

Sign up with us now and get 2 months free!

Contact us at [email protected] and arrange a free demo with us!

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